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Advertising in Poland

Welcome to*

We are a full service interactive marketing agency. We offer the complete range of services and solutions. We present our clients the ways of applying internet technologies aimed on reaching business purposes.

Our offer is as follows :

  • CMS production and implementation (websites, extranet, intranet)
  • Web layouts
  • Creating and realization of e-marketing strategies
  • Internet promotion and advertising in polish Internet
  • Polish Internet Media House (representing advertisers, planning and buying advertising campaigns)
  • SEM
  • search engine optimization of websites
  • e-mail marketing

The end of first co-operations is often the beginning of a longlasting partnership. We offer a wide range of products and consulting that are aimed on increasing the efficiency level of all actions taken on the Internet.

If you are searching possibilities to enter into polish market, or you would like to invest or buy our company, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to working with you.

Contact us:

* - the polish word "marka" in our domain maens "brand". Our advertising slogan is "eMarketing in Your company".

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